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The Vinum Award – Schott Zwiesel Collections Win

European wine magazine’s prestigious Vinum Award, and the two Schott Zwiesel collections that won – Pure and Air Sense.

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS is a double test winner with the VINUM wine glass expert panel.


AIR SENSE from ZWIESEL 1872 is crowned most successful range in the test/PURE from SCHOTT ZWIESEL is awarded as best machine-produced glass in the ‘Universal Glass’ category

Experts from the wine sector and members of the VINUM editorial team join together to sample wines of different categories served in glasses from different manufacturers. VINUM is Europe’s leading magazine for wine culture and is published in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

European wine magazine VINUM rated the PURE series from SCHOTT ZWIESEL as

“the best machine-made universal glass for white, rosé and red wine”

By virtue of its “modern, urban design”, the glass scored 16 points out of a possible 20 and, in the opinion of the panel,

“gets to the essence of pleasure”.

See the collection here: PURE Pleasure

VINUM distinguished the new mouth-blown AIR SENSE series from ZWIESEL 1872 as the most successful collection in the test. The panel was above all impressed with the

“ingeniously large bowl”

and the integrated decantation sphere as a highlight for the senses.

Calculated over all glasses and wines, the AIR SENSE series achieved the highest overall score with 17.2 points out of a possible 20 and, in doing so, came out on top against its renowned competitors.

The experts also praised the clear Scandinavian design. All in all, the expert panel tested 26 different glasses from 11 manufacturers. The range scored points in both the red and white wine categories: as part of a direct comparison, it won first place in the test of barrel-aged, opulent white wines, mineral red wines, tannin-rich red wines from wooden casks and red wines aged for 20 years or more. The integrated decantation sphere allows an even more intense release of aromas for these complex wine styles.


PURE – Pure gourmet pleasure

Real gourmet pleasure is allowed to unfold with the machine-produced PURE range from SCHOTT ZWIESEL. Goblet glasses, tumblers and selected accessories provide a hosting set of the highest quality. The pronounced bowls let the wines breathe and underline their fine bouquets.

Connoisseurs and ambitious amateurs are thus able to present themselves as fashionable and quality conscious.

These glasses were manufactured using internationally-patented Tritan® technology. Tritan® makes the glasses break-resistant and dishwasher-proof to a large extent, and leaves them shining like new, even after several years. It is not necessary to polish the glasses.

What’s more, PURE is fitted with TRITAN® PROTECT: an innovative surface finish that significantly increases the resilience and breaking resistance of the stem. If the glass is tipped over or exposed to heavy strain in the dishwasher, it is even better protected.


AIR SENSE – The glass with decantation sphere

The mouth-blown AIR SENSE range from ZWIESEL 1872 was developed together with the Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. Together with the machine-produced AIR version from SCHOTT ZWIESEL, they have created an exclusive glass collection that is simply unparalleled. The weightless look of the glasses and the puristic elegance of the collection are the perfect expression of Bernadotte & Kylberg’s design expertise: timeless, functional and yet with a certain element of surprise, the glasses are a harmonious combination of modern design with a Scandinavian feel and expert sensory knowledge.

Bernadotte & Kylberg have also come up with something really special for AIR SENSE: a decantation sphere at the bottom of the elegant stemmed glasses, for an improved function and unique aesthetics. The crystal-clear glass sphere provides a unique release of aromas.

Thanks to the identical form of the AIR SENSE and AIR glasses, users have the option to combine the two versions: the sparkling aperitif, for example, is expertly served in the champagne glass with its integrated decantation sphere from the AIR SENSE series. The bubbles of the sparkling wine make for quite a spectacular sight when they string closely together on the sphere in the glass. A traditional red or white wine for the main course is then served in suitable glasses from the AIR series. This means that ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS offers the right solution for every taste, every occasion and every budget. Both AIR and AIR SENSE are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS – Inspired by Professionals.

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS has been at the peak of crystal glass manufacturing for over 140 years in matters of table culture, drinks and living. The company meets the high requirements of both professional users and private households: The collaboration with top gastronomers and renowned designers as well as innovations in sustainable material and products make ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS one of the world’s leading providers.

Perfection created from passion. Three successful brands.

Click here for an outline of the the brands, the history, ISO accreditation, the differences between them and what Tritan Protect means to you.

Glass defines the taste of the wine

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