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Best Glass for Which Wine, Cocktail or Champagne?

What glasses are suitable for which drinks?

Reading an interesting article on how to select the best glass for wine:

What’s the best glass for wine? The one you’re holding!

We’re only half joking. Wine in a plastic cup on vacation always tastes delicious, and the tumblers at our favorite Italian place are just fine with that big carafe of rustic red wine. It’s also true, though, that an elegant, comfortable and well-designed glass can make the experience of wine that much more pleasant. And there’s good news here: There has never been a wider selection of good stemware available at affordable prices.


What glass will give you the best experience?

They referred to the Schott Zwiesel ‘Tritan Cru Classic’ Bordeaux as:

“Best of tasting.

Somewhat unusual shape, something like an egg, means that everything tasted a little bit new and different to us.

“This feels great, comfortable in my hand,” Dottie said.

It’s deceptive: It’s big yet it doesn’t feel too big. Great balance.

All wines seemed a little bit more special in this glass.

Great for swirling and sniffing.”

Glass defines the taste of the wine

The wine glass plays a central role in the enjoyment of wine. Without the right glass, an important part of the wine’s bouquet of aromas remains undiscovered and is lost somewhere between the glass and the mouth. The role of the glass is to allow the wine to unfold completely, to focus the aromas of the wine and transfer them to the brain as an olfactory stimulus – drinking wine has a lot to do with the smell.

That is why it is important that a wine glass tapers towards the top, so that the aroma molecules reach the nose in concentrated form.

The volume also plays a very important role in making sure the aromas of the wine can unfold in the air.

A wine glass should essentially meet three criteria:

  1. absolutely clear,
  2. thin walls and a
  3. long stem.

It is only possible to see the true colour of the wine with a clear, transparent glass. A thin-walled glass makes for an objectively superior drinking experience, since contact there is immediate contact with the wine. A delicate glass also has less influence on the temperature of the wine. The stem should be long enough that it can be comfortably held with the index and middle fingers and the thumb. This prevents the hand from warming the wine and stops any greasy spots being left from fingerprints.

The glass can also be swirled more effectively using the stem. Swirling the wine releases its aromas. Rinsing agents and other residues such as cupboard smells mix quickly with the wine aroma and should be avoided at all costs!


Spending on a high quality champagne?

“Try the Schott Zwiesel Bar Collection Champagne Coupe Glass.  This sophisticated glass is the vessel of choice for traditional Champagne toasts and classic cocktails served up—think Martinis and Manhattans. Ideal for cocktail aficionados, Bar Collection glassware features vintage-inspired designs that add an air of sophistication to any occasion.

The Schott Zwiesel Universal Classico Martini Glass is the ideal size and shape for the classic martini. Schott Zwiesel believes the beauty of a cocktail is largely determined by the glass in which it’s served.

Functional, uncomplicated, and flawlessly elegant, these glasses are the perfect choice for just about any occasion. Like all of the glasses offered by Schott Zwiesel, these martini glasses use patented Tritan® Crystal to create beautiful, elegant glass that’s durable.  Revolutionary Tritan crystal resists chipping, scratching, and breaking and retains its clarity and luster for the life of the glass.”


“Gin makes me sin!”

What gin for the ideal gin glass?

With the number of new distilleries popping up, Gin issuing used as an immediate sales filler while they wait for the whsle to mature. The new Gin & Tonic Glass is designed to bring out the subtle flavours of the many gins now available, and beautifully presented with the quality of the Schott Zwiesel Basic Bar collection.

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