Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, 1st place in the new edition of the “Lexicon of German World Market Leaders”!

Zwiesel Kristallglas in Ireland from

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG 1st place in the “Lexicon of German World Market Leaders”!

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG secured first place in the new edition of the “Lexicon of German World Market Leaders”!

German World Market Leaders stand for leadership in terms of quality and technology.

The lexicon is regarded as a marketing instrument and reference for world market leaders, and enjoys considerable public interest as a result.

The elite of German industry – among them also Zwiesel Kristallglas AG – stand for the internationally recognised seal of quality “Made in Germany”, with innovative strength and process quality.


Zwiesel Kristallglas has become one of the leading partners for hotels, restaurants and trade all over the world.  Setting standards for years with modern products and customised services through Houseware International.

The exclusive lifestyle collections of the ZWIESEL 1872 brand emanate an aura of calm elegance and timeless taste. They display character without being trendy, and stand for individual choice and appreciation. Each of our glasses is unique. Because each mouth-blown, hand crafted glass has its own vitality, sensuality and detail to distinguish it from any other glass. So why not add a touch of refinement to those gourmet moments by using our exquisite glasses from the gourmet ranges of our hand-crafted collection.

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Contact Frank using email or in the Office 01 825 2860 or on the Mobile 087 272 3058

Houseware International is a specialist distributor of quality tableware and food service products to Irish hotels and restaurants for over 20 years, acting as exclusive distributor for some of the catering industry’s most important manufacturers.

We have been the suppler of choice, for many years to some of the country’s most renowned hotels and restaurants, such as Ashford Castle and The Shelbourne Hotel, to The Herbert Park Hotel and The Europe Hotel and Resort and many more.


An Irish family owned business, specialising is the distribution of the highest quality tabletop and foodservice products, from Europe's major manufacturers, to the hotel and restaurant trade throughout Ireland.

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