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Light and Fresh

Non Alcoholic Beverage Recipe and the Foods it Accompanies

As with wine glasses, the forms of our PAIRING SELECTION are based upon the character and style of a drink: Light and Fresh, non alcoholic beverage recipes.

A flavoured water or a tangy water kefir best retains its fresh lightness in a tall goblet, while roasted tea with strong aromas requires a round-bellied form to allow its full repertoire of tastes to unfold.

The style and form of the PAIRING SELECTION follow four fundamental worlds of aroma, thus encompassing a wide spectrum:

Light and Fresh Food types

  • Lightly sparkling water kefir (fermented milk drink that originated in the Caucasus Mountains made with kefir “grains”, a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. It is prepared by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep milk with kefir grains ) with mushroom dishes,
  • flavoured water (e.g. cucumber/coriander) with fish or poultry,
  • mild kombucha and applemint with Indian curry.

Light and Fresh, non alcoholic beverage recipe

EXCLUSIVE from Tim Raue: New Drink Recipe

Lung Ching, White Grape and Ginger

  • 8g Lung Ching Tee 800ml Water (Evian)
  • 50g Honey

Bring water and honey to a boil and let the Lung Ching tea steep in it for 5 minutes. Strain and fill with the ingredients below.

  • 320ml Ginger Beer
  • 60ml Lemon squash
  • 8ml Lime Juice
  • 900ml White grape Juice (Alain Maillard Chardonnay)

Add 50g Ginger (peeled and minced) and steep overnight. Strain through a cloth the next day.

Light and Fresh Glassware, the SCHOTT ZWIESEL and ZWIESEL 1872 Pairing Selection

Crisp, fresh and full of surprises – these glasses are suited to slender-tasting and lightly sparkling drinks with a hint of aroma from fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Ideal for light meals on warm days, fine Asian dishes, or the distinctly herbed cuisine of Italy.

The PAIRING SELECTION by SCHOTT ZWIESEL and ZWIESEL 1872 offers a perfect glass:

Sensa, Food Pairing with Elegant Style

SENSA takes the complexity out of modern enjoyment because every glass shape fits exactly one aroma. The five glass shapes therefore cover different styles of drinks. Each glass has particular characteristics in a typical aroma range, regardless of whether you are serving a lightly sparkling water kefir or a tee with tasty roasted aroma. Only the character, aroma, flavour and taste decides.

“ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS presents an entirely new tasting glass with AIROME, an integrated aroma wave. The elegantly designed wave gives wines even more room to breathe in the glass, softens the acidity and fully accentuates the fruit.

SENSA was especially developed for sommeliers, vintners and wine dealers. But wine connoisseurs who gladly taste different wines also appreciate it.

Light drinks such as flavoured water or fine sparkling lemonades are most at home in SENSA LIGHT & FRESH with its narrow wall. SENSA STRONG & SPICY with its sweeping shape is a perfect companion for expressive drinks with strong flavors. The thin-walled, filigree series in modern design is made from the especially break resistant Tritan® crystal glass in our Bavarian Forest factory.

  • LIGHT & FRESH, Wine glass 120 588, 8890/2,  Sparkling 120 591, 8890/77
  • FRUITY & DELICATE, Wine glass 120 586, 8890/0
  • VELVETY & SUMPTUOUS, Wine, 120 595, 8890/140
  • FLAVOUR- SOME & SPICY, Goblet, 120 593, 8890/130
  • SENSA Universal Allround, 8890/42, 120 590

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Simplify. Four Sensory Worlds, Five Shapes

Mouth-blown crystal glasses are the sign of real connoisseurs around the world. They are particularly good at accentuating the finest aromas and textures. Every glass is a piece of pure craftsmanship, unique in its shape, delicate and elegant.

The SIMPLIFY concept series adheres to a special philosophy: every glass is equally suited to a wide range of drinks. This means that all styles and aromas can be represented with just five basic shapes:

It is therefore easy and intuitive to select the right glass for any style of a drink.

  • For powerful drinks with roasting aromas a wide sweeping shape with plenty of room for aromas to unfold.
  • Or for delicate, light drinks, a glass with a narrow shaft for bundling even the most distinguished nuances.
  • LIGHT & FRESH, Wine glass 119 928, 1369/2,  Sparkling 119 930, 1369/77
  • FRUITY & DELICATE, Wine glass 119 926, 1369/1
  • VELVETY & SUMPTUOUS, Wine, 119 934, 1369/140
  • FLAVOURSOME & SPICY, 119 932, 1369/130
  • SIMPLIFY Allround, 1369/42, 120 641

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Bistro Line. Design and Functionality

The Bistro short-stem glass range, gently rounded base and short stem make it easy to nestle in the palm of the hand, and the Tritan glass makes it extra-durable and chip-resistant.

  • LIGHT & FRESH, White Wine glass 120 632, 8900/0.
  • FRUITY & DELICATE, White Wine glass 120 632, 8900/0. Sparkling Wine 120 638, 8900/7
  • VELVETY & SUMPTUOUS, Red Wine, 120 629, 8900/1
  • FLAVOUR- SOME & SPICY, Bordeaux Goblet, 120 636, 8900/130

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“Our Alcohol Free Jines are composed like a classic dish. Fine acidity converses with aromatic malt, or rose with lychee and pondicherry pepper. The perfect accompaniment for my culinary art.”
Tim Raue,
Star Chef and Gastronomer

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