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Protect your glassware investment with the Clixrack and Fries washing and stacking ranges. The rack designs ensure water circulates efficiently over and around the items in the rack, significantly improving washing results while the sides are high enough to keep all items safely inside the rack during the wash cycle. A range of optional and movable inserts allow you rearrange the internal configuration of the rack as often as you wish to meet your various ware washing needs.


The Benefits of a Good Racking System

FRIES Glasswasher Racks are a necessity fore any large hotel or Restaurant, especially if quality glassware is used. Houseware International have been supplying FRIES Racking to the largest Contract Hire companies and hotels in Ireland for nearly 20 years.

An example of what we can do is borne out by one recent project just completed where we supplied over 350 Racks to suit over 19 different Glassware sizes.- approximately 9,000 glasses. Each Rack size was individually colour coded and tabbed for easy recognition in the daily movements throughout the establishment.

Contact Frank at Houseware and he will tell you about the efficiency of the FRIES Racking Systems and how they will solve your specific glassware storage / washing problems.

An Irish family owned business, specialising is the distribution of the highest quality tabletop and foodservice products, from Europe's major manufacturers, to the hotel and restaurant trade throughout Ireland.

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