Hepp Floor Standing Afternoon Tea Service

The Hepp Floor Standing Afternoon Tea Service, delivering on the Great British tradition of afternoon tea. Long since become an international phenomenon, in recent times, it has signified the exit from austerity. Now with waiting lists for afternoon tea in quality establishments throughout the country and space at a premium in hotel reception areas and lounge bars, the Hepp floor standing collection comes into its own.

Hepp Floor Standing Afternoon Tea Service

The brand new floor levelled afternoon tea stands are made of high quality stainless steel, offering the perfect frame to the best afternoon tea selection.

Distributed across an overall height between 117 and 125 centimetres depending on the version, there is space for the tea service and sandwiches, heated scones with clotted cream, fruity preserves and other culinary delights.

The tasty nibbles are crowned either by a classical softly curving arc with or without stylish knob or a filigree, jaunty arrowhead – always a gleaming eye-catcher alongside any table.

Caterers and hoteliers can add a wealth of detail to the post-meridian tablescape by selecting matching accessories from the full Hepp range from

  • smaller universal stands and
  • platters for serving,
  • a variety of coffee-pots, teapots and milk jugs,
  • tea strainers and sugar bowls to
  • champagne coolers

A tea ceremony with an added touch of exclusivity.

The new, generously dimensioned teatime stands from Hepp allow serving staff present the tea service and specialities of the table at the same time. There is ample room for teapot and milk jug, sugar bowl and cup on the bottom level measuring a neat 31 centimetres in diameter, while the niceties are presented above in the classic sequence:

  1. first come savoury tasties such as sandwiches and saltines,
  2. next up are scones and
  3. at the top pastries or pralines.

Each of these three levels measures around 21 centimetres in diameter.


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