Our range is extensive, deep and comprehensive!  Here we will try to guide you through the areas we can help you with by presenting our complete range in pdf Catalogues. Otherwise, complete the ‘Contact Us’ form or click through to the Contact Us page for other ways of getting in touch.

Glassware Catalogues

Schott Zwiesel Stemware Catalogue 2016
Schott Zwiesel Air and Air Sense Catalogue
Schott Zwiesel TRITAN Protect technology
1872 Zwiesel Exclusive Decanters
Zwiesel Gourmet Bar Professional
Schott Zwiesel Bar Collections 2016
Schott Wiesel Accessories 2015
Schott Zwiesel Personalised Glass
Schott Zwiesel Decanters and Jugs
Schott Zwiesel Decanters with Drop Protect
Personalised Glassware

Buffet Catalogues

Craster Buffet Collection
Craster All Day Dining Catalogue
Frilich 2015
Hepp 2013
WMF 2013/2014
Zieher 2014
Zieher Walnut Collection

Equipment Catalogues

Fries Rack System 400
Fries Clixrack System 500
Clixrack One for All System

Service Trollies

Ebinger Service Trollies 2013
Hepp Trolly Collection

Tabletop and Service

Peugeot Mills and Spice
Hepp Vases
Hepp Table and Banquet
Zwiesel Vases and Accessories
Hepp Highlights
WMF Urban Hotel
WMF Pure Exclusive
WMF Tabletop
Zieher Room and Guest Service
Alfi Thermos Collection
WMF Bar and Table Urban Collection
WMF Bar and Table Trend Collection
WMF Bar and Table Pure Exclusiv Collection
WMF Bar and Table Coffee Culture Collection
Jenaer Glas Bar and Drinks Service
Hepp Bar and Drinks Service
Alfi Bar and Drinks Service


Tafelstern Invitation
Tafelstern Impression
Tafelstern Bistro
Tafelstern Coffeeworld
Tafelstern Coffeelings
Tafelstern Tea Time Collection
Tafelstern Revel Oven to Tableware
Tafelstern Avantgarde
Tafelstern Charisma
Tafelstern Essentials
Tafelstern Inspiration
Tafelstern Playtes
Tafelstern Pure Style
Tafelstern Relation Today
Tafelstern Solutions


An Irish family owned business, specialising is the distribution of the highest quality tabletop and foodservice products, from Europe's major manufacturers, to the hotel and restaurant trade throughout Ireland.

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World Cup of Beer? Craft beer Basic wins!

July 16, 2018 • Comments Off on World Cup of Beer? Craft beer Basic wins!

Taken from the article on the Zwiesel Living website People have been enjoying beer for 5000 years, particularly when water was unfit for consumption, the brewing process rendering it drinkable.  For the last 5 weeks, the football has involved a lot of beer.  Now that the volume has subsided, through the noise, like the football, quality...

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