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Spring is here: Wedding season is upon us and so is planning the perfect wedding table. Learn how to conjure up an unforgettable celebration for the bride and groom and their guests with tasteful table decorations, the right table placement and matching wedding tableware.

Have a look at the BHS article on choosing the right wedding tableware

The wedding is for some the most beautiful day in life and for others an important revenue generator. Those who specialize in wedding celebrations benefit from the fact that the number of marriages in Germany is continuously increasing and experience guests who wish only the best for themselves and their loved ones and are willing to invest in their dream wedding: From exquisite entertainment with show interludes to a cocktail bar and epicurean treats to accompany them through the day and evening.

The Wedding “Breakfast” plays a decisive If you want to leave a lasting culinary and visual impression on your wedding party, you should also think long-term when it comes to tableware.

All white – several times a year

The most beautiful day in life takes place several times for the caterer. Therefore, the tableware equipment should meet different requirements.

The most important protagonist and VIP among the basic items is certainly the plate. It gives culinary delicacies room for eye candy and skillfully sets them off visually.

Its outer shape does not follow any single trend – whether round, oval, angular or abstract depending on the use and facon of the house.

Little plate lore for the wedding table setting

The classic plate consists of a flat dining surface and a raised rim, the so-called rim. Plates with medium or wide rims offer particular grip safety and are therefore easy to serve. If they are used at the buffet, the grip-friendly rims also make it easier for guests to transport food safely.

A flat, unrestricted dining surface is the core feature of a coup plate. It holds a generous dining surface for fancy food compositions.

Have a look at the full BHS article on choosing the right wedding tableware on the BHS site.

The right wedding tableware: Little plate lore

To make a wedding an unforgettable event, many factors are at play. A crucial aspect is the evening dinner, which must leave a lasting impression both culinary and visually. Matching tableware is therefore of great importance and should meet the expectations of a wedding party. Plates in particular play a central role. They provide space for the culinary delicacies to be attractively presented and set the scene visually. There is no universal recommendation for the shape of the plates – whether round, oval or square depends on the menu, the desires of the bride and groom and the style of the house.

However, when choosing the right wedding tableware you should take into account not only aesthetic but also practical aspects. A uniform set of tableware in classic white creates a harmonious overall impression, while selecting the right plate size allows for optimal placement on the wedding table. Especially with the coup plate, which is characterized by a flat, unconfined dining surface, the focus is on the presentation of the food. Plates with a rim, on the other hand, offer a particularly good grip and are therefore very easy to serve. Plates with a rim are also particularly suitable for the buffet, as they make it easier for the guest to transport the food safely.

Positioning of the tables: Planning is everything

The positioning of the tables is an important aspect of a successful celebration. Careful planning and organization of the seating arrangements will go a long way in ensuring that the wedding party feels comfortable at the event and that the atmosphere is harmonious. A good starting point is to consider together with the bride and groom how many guests are expected. This allows to deduce how many seats are needed in total and how much space is available in the ballroom.

An essential aspect for the positioning of the tables is that the bride and groom are placed centrally. It is important that everyone present has a good view of them, as they are the main people at the event. Therefore, draw the table of the bride and groom in your plan first and then the seats of the guests. Keep in mind that the DJ or band, dance floor, music system, buffet and gift table must also be accommodated. In order for all guests to be able to sit, eat and stand up comfortably, a sufficient distance between the seats is necessary, but not so great that conversation is difficult.

Various seating arrangements

An option for smaller wedding parties is the long table. It is seated on both sides, the bride and groom sit in the middle, next to them are the parents, witnesses and closest friends. The important thing with this form is that the long table harmoniously fit into the structure of the room. Another option is the T-shape, where the long table is supplemented by an additional table. Bride and groom are seated in the center of the head table, from which the second table extends forward. This table arrangement is suitable for small to medium weddings.

The U-shape is an extension of the T-shape. Here the head table is complemented by two tables at the ends on the right and left. As a result, this shape offers 50 to 60 percent more seating than the T-shape and is suitable for medium to large celebrations. Make sure there is enough space, especially at the corners, so guests feel comfortable and not cramped.

To create a casual and communicative atmosphere, individual round or square tables can also be arranged throughout the room. This option can be supplemented with a long table, where the bride and groom and other important people will be seated. In case of freestanding tables, make sure that the newlywed couple can be seen by everyone. A combination of a long table and freestanding tables is especially suitable for medium and large wedding parties.

Perfect table decoration for the wedding

An appealing table decoration is a central component of a successful wedding celebration. It not only creates a festive atmosphere, but also makes the guests keep the celebration in good memory. Table decoration begins with the tablecloths. Care should be taken to ensure that the tablecloth matches the style of the wedding and fits harmoniously into the room. A classic tablecloth in white or cream is suitable, as well as a colored version, but it must match the color scheme of the wedding. Tablecloth rolls are a convenient way to set the tables in one piece.

Napkins are also part of the tableware and should always be folded. They can either be tucked into napkin rings or folded in a special way to create accents. Charger plates can help create an extra elegant touch. The cutlery is arranged in the order of the menu from the outside to the inside, forks on the left, knives and soup spoon on the right. Above the plates is the dessert cutlery.

Optimum matching of wedding table decorations

The choice of decorative elements also plays an important role. Flowers are a classic and can be in different colors and shapes depending on the wedding style. For round tables, wreaths and floral arrangements are particularly suitable, while for oblong tables, elongated decorative elements such as candlesticks or vases can be used as well. Apart from that, accessories like shells, beads, glitter stones or small figurines can add to the table decoration. However, the decoration should not look too cluttered and must leave enough space for dishes and glasses.

Another tip is to match the table decorations to the theme or colors of the wedding. For example, a nautical wedding can be designed with blue and white colors and decorations such as anchors, starfish or nets. A romantic boho wedding with floral creations and bright colours can also be well integrated into the table decorations.

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