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The right soup plate

Whether fine or hearty, mild or spicy, Mediterranean or Asian: Soups are enormously diverse and especially popular in the winter season. For your soup creations to be visually convincing as well as convenient to eat, you should pay attention to choosing the right soup plates.

Various types of tableware for different types of soups

There are different types of soups, such as ramen, meat broth, stew, vegetable soup, or clear broth, and each of them requires a different tableware. Whether soup plates, soup dishes, bowls, tureens, or soup top cups should be used, has most importantly to do with the consistency of the soup.

1. Soup plates – for bound soups and stews

Soup plates are a great choice if you want your guests to see all the ingredients at a glance, and if you want to add special decorations to the soup. Soup plates are usually available as coup or rim plates, with the latter being particularly well suited for serving as it is easier for the staff to grip the plates. Because of their wide dining surface, soup plates are best for bound soups, creamy vegetable soups or stews. Liquid soups, on the other hand, could spill over.

2. Soup bowls – the perfect choice for appetizers

If you want to serve a warm soup as an appetizer, small soup bowls are a great choice. The smaller quantity in a bowl makes them ideal for both thickened and clear soups. Soups can become a special eye-catcher at the beginning of an order of courses, especially if the bowl comes to the table in an individual shape or color. This not only emphasizes the flavor of the soup, but also pleases the eye of the guest. Small bowls are perfect to achieve an elegant and appetizing presentation.

3. Tall soup bowls – excellent heat insulation for ramen

Soups like ramen, in which noodles and meat are served in a spicy broth, stay warm longer when served in taller, closed dishes. For this purpose, tall soup bowls of various sizes and depths are suitable, which provide enough space to accommodate all the ingredients. If you want your soup to not only stay warm longer, but also come as a “surprise”, you can use a lid. This increases insulation and keeps the soup warm for a longer time, which is especially beneficial for events or buffets.

4. Dishes – serving main courses

Dishes are a preferred choice for main courses because of their size. Their diameter starts at 15 cm, which is why they are especially popular for stews or in Asian cuisine, when soups are served with additional ingredients. These dishes have enough room for a generous serving and can also be used to serve an entire meal in.

5. Soup top cups – the perfect choice for clear soups

Clear soups, such as bouillons or consommés, are best enjoyed in a soup cup or a soup top cup with a handle. These cups are smaller in diameter and depth, making them the ideal choice for soups that are primarily broth-based. The handle allows the cup to be held in the hand and brought closer to the mouth.

To facilitate serving, it is recommended to use a matching saucer. The saucer can be used to put the spoon down in between without staining the tablecloth. Soup top cups are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing and provide an elegant way to serve soups – ideal for upscale restaurants and special occasions.

Which soupware keeps the contents warm the longest?

An important consideration when choosing the right soupware is also how long the soup will be kept warm. Here, the material and thickness of the soupware play an important role. Soup plates or soup bowls made of clay or porcelain are particularly popular for soups, as these materials are very dense and promise excellent thermal insulation.

Elevate Your Soup Presentation with BHS Tableware Soup Bowls

Soup season is here, and whether you’re serving up a hearty stew or a delicate consommé, the right tableware can make all the difference. At Houseware International, we offer a wide selection of BHS Tableware Soup Bowls designed to enhance the visual appeal and convenience of your soup creations.

  1. Soup Plates: Ideal for bound soups and stews, soup plates provide a wide dining surface that showcases all the ingredients at a glance. Available in coup or rim styles, rim plates are particularly convenient for serving, making them perfect for creamy vegetable soups or hearty stews.
  2. Soup Bowls: Perfect for appetizers or smaller servings, soup bowls offer an elegant presentation for both thickened and clear soups. Their smaller size makes them ideal for starting a meal with a flavorful soup, and individual shapes or colors add a special touch to the dining experience.
  3. Tall Soup Bowls: For dishes like ramen that require excellent heat insulation, tall soup bowls are the perfect choice. Their closed design helps retain warmth, while various sizes and depths accommodate all the ingredients. Adding a lid enhances insulation, making them ideal for events or buffets.
  4. Dishes: With a generous size ideal for main courses, dishes are preferred for serving stews or soups with additional ingredients. Starting at 15 cm in diameter, they provide ample room for a hearty serving and are popular in Asian cuisine.
  5. Soup Top Cups: Ideal for clear soups like bouillons or consommés, soup top cups offer a handle for easy holding and sipping. Smaller in diameter and depth, they provide an elegant way to enjoy broth-based soups and are perfect for upscale restaurants or special occasions.

When selecting soupware, it’s essential to consider how long the soup will stay warm. Materials like clay or porcelain offer excellent thermal insulation, keeping soups hot and delicious throughout the meal.

Elevate your soup presentation with BHS Tableware Soup Bowls and ensure a memorable dining experience for your guests. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect tableware for your culinary creations.

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