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Tafelstern Coffee World

The design and form of the BISTRO cups ensures that customers can carry them without any mishaps. The slim mugs of the CONTOUR collection make the best of limited space. The multifunctional ESSENTIALS bowl shows its versatility. The shallow teacups from the INSPIRATION collection are also used for desserts and soups. The small ginkgo bowls from the ESSENTIALS collection are perfect for small bites.   The RELATION TODAY table-setting platter offers ample space for a muesli bowl next to a tall CONTOUR coffee mug.

Tafelstern Coffee World

These days, hotel guests have come to expect a widely varied choice of dishes from the breakfast buffet. Discerning guests look forward to perfectly laid tables, while those in a hurry prefer a fast and simple breakfast. The pieces of the TAFELSTERN modular system can be stacked safely to save space and always make an appealingly attractive impression when mixed and matched.

The practical RELATION TODAY table-setting platter offers ample space for a muesli bowl from the same collection next to a tall CONTOUR coffee mug. A combination of distinctive platters and glasses from the SOLUTIONS collection transforms the breakfast buffet into a deliciously inviting foodscape. At a higher level, etageres from the COFFEELINGS collection set the stage for your breakfast selections

Personalised decors transform cups into visiting cards for your establishment. The simplest solution is the house logo. This can be expanded by decorative lining or stripes in your house colours. Decor inside a cup is always a fascinating eye-catcher.

TAFELSTERN can always offer a complete repertoire of trend decors. From romantic retro-designs to avant-garde ornamentation and precious metal decors in gold and platinum. The development of a personalised decor is available for orders of more than 300 pieces (whatever the pieces). State-of- the-art in-glaze decoration and the use of only lead-free pigments ensure maximum durability and colour fastness.

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An Irish family owned business, specialising is the distribution of the highest quality tabletop and foodservice products, from Europe's major manufacturers, to the hotel and restaurant trade throughout Ireland.

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