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    Latest Newsletter on LSA

    Interesting news for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars. Our latest Newsletter on @LSAinternational – https://mailchi.mp/e5fe58635f04/interesting-news-for-hotels-restaurants-bars

  • “I am adding the LSA Exclusive glassware collections to my product offerings to the Hotel / Restaurant trade.”

    Frank McKenna of Houseware International, will “be concentrating initially on the table / Service items which will also be  useful additions to add to our Buffet presentations”. The origins of LSA International are found in fashionable swinging sixties London, when Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa were inspired to approach Terence Conran at Habitat with…Read More

  • Insights, trends and innovations

    Craster Display & EquipHotel 2018: I am grateful to our great colleagues @Craster_London for their twitter account and this hidden gem in particular about developments in Craster buffet display! EquipHotel 2018 is the premier trade-show for hospitality and catering and took place in Paris on the 15-18th November 2018, a key European trade show, acting as…Read More

  • World Cup of Beer? Craft beer Basic wins!

    Taken from the article on the Zwiesel Living website People have been enjoying beer for 5000 years, particularly when water was unfit for consumption, the brewing process rendering it drinkable.  For the last 5 weeks, the football has involved a lot of beer.  Now that the volume has subsided, through the noise, like the football, quality…Read More

  • Triomphe cutlery available from houseware in dunboyne co. meath ireland

    Caring for Your Cutlery

    WMF have shared their advice on cutlery care and maintenance, which we are in turn sharing with you here. Their advice is as follows… Do not leave the cutlery to soak in water for too long. The adhered leftovers combined with water is an aggressive medium which attacks the material. Please note that mustard, soya sauce,…Read More

  • Newsletter Archive

    With the whole GDPR thing, we had a look at what we had been sending out and thought it it was actually uninteresting array of newsletters, here is a link to the archive.  It also shows that we do not bombard you with emails (except about GDPR unfortunately!). Click here for Link to newsletter archive….Read More

  • 404 error, oops, sorry

    Hi, we sent out a mail chimp this morning, but in the meantime had updated some of the pages, sorry about that, here are the Correct links: https://houseware.ie/light-and-fresh-recipes-for-non-alcoholic-drinks/ https://houseware.ie/fruity-and-delicate-non-alcoholic-beverage-recipes/ https://houseware.ie/velvety-and-sumptuous-non-alcoholic-beverage/ https://houseware.ie/flavoursome-and-spicy-non-alcoholic-glassware/  Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • bistro line glassware available from houseware.ie in co. meath

    Perfect Pairs, the non-alcoholic accompaniment for your menu

    Non Alcoholic Drink Recipe and Food Pairing Are you looking at creative, innovative, Non Alcoholic Drink Recipe, exclusively made in your kitchen,  to go with your menu?  Here are Recipes ideas and the Glasses from the beautiful looking SCHOTT ZWIESEL and ZWIESEL 1872 ranges, to accompany them and get the best from the aromas and flavours! …Read More

  • GDPR

    To comply with the new EU legislation on Data Protection (GDPR), we will be revising our mailing list. We think our newsletters are good, we put a lot of thought into them, we work the images to help you see how you could use the products and we try to provide recipes and the like….Read More

  • schott zwiesel glassware paired with flavoursome and spicy foods available from houseware.ie in ireland

    Flavoursome and Spicy

    Non Alcoholic Beverage Recipe and the Foods it Accompanies As with wine glasses, the forms of our PAIRING SELECTION are based upon the character and style of a drink: Flavoursome and Spicy, non alcoholic beverage recipe. A flavoured water or a tangy water kefir best retains its fresh lightness in a tall goblet, while roasted…Read More

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