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Introducing the Peugeot Spice Filling Funnel!

A compact, practical stainless steel funnel for easy filling with salt and pepper.

We’re excited to introduce the Peugeot Spice Filling Funnel—a compact and practical stainless steel tool designed to simplify the process of filling your Peugeot Pepper Mill with salt and pepper.

The Peugeot Mill Filling Funnel stands out with its wider design, making it effortless to pour peppercorns into your mill while minimizing spills and mess. Whether you have a small or large Peugeot Pepper Mill, this funnel is an essential accessory for ensuring seamless and clean refills every time.

Key features of the Peugeot Spice Filling Funnel include:

  1. Practical Design: Crafted from durable stainless steel, this funnel offers a compact and user-friendly design for easy handling and filling.
  2. Easy Refills: Say goodbye to spills and mess! The wider funnel allows for effortless pouring of peppercorns into your mill, ensuring a hassle-free refill process.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit all sizes of Peugeot Pepper Mills, this funnel is a versatile accessory suitable for any kitchen.

Make refilling your pepper mill a breeze with the Peugeot Spice Filling Funnel. Say goodbye to the frustration of spillage and mess, and hello to effortless seasoning in your culinary adventures.

it is the same company that also makes cars, but they have been producing salt and pepper mills since 1874.

The full catalogue for the Peugeot range is available as an online pdf if you click here.

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