Fries Rack 500

The FRIES Rack System 500: Gastro Rack Systems


Fries Rack system 500
FRIES Rack System

Today, we are highlighting the importance proper care and maintenance of your glassware using the Fries Rack system 500, where you can match the rack to the glass size.

Fries Rack system 500

The product line includes diverse solutions for washing glasses, plates and cutlery in commercial dishwashers, as well as for transport and storage.

Advantages of the FRIES rack systems 

  • racks in standard heights
  • for washing different tableware
  • custom-made racks
  • for all types of tableware
  • for transport and storage
    The FRIES Rack System 500 x345
    FRIES Rack System
  • sturdy and long-lasting
  • stackable
  • polypropylen as approved food compliant material
  • easy to grasp the bottom of glasses when removing them.

The FRIES Rack System glass racks are also available as Gastro Norm racks with dimensions of 500 x 530 mm. The side runners make it possible to slide the racks right into Gastro Norm slots.

Efficient Wash Design (EWD): This patented technology ensures the targeted circulation of water over and around the problem zones – the rims of glasses and plates in the first and last rows.

Clixrack 500 … at a glance

Clixrack 500 glass rack in standard sizes, can be adjusted to your glass sizes through the use of different Clix extenders, providing a high degree of flexibility. You can easily assemble the racks yourself.

  • Efficient Wash Design (EWD)
  • stackable
  • lightweight
  • convertible
  • easy checking of rack contents
  • colour-coded compartments
  • good carrying comfort
Fries Rack system 500
FRIES Rack System

Customrack 500 glass rack custom-made for your glasses

Made-to-order solution for safely storing, transporting and washing all of your glasses.  The modular construction of the glass racks in combination with the different colours of the components makes these racks an indispensable part of a mo- dern tableware management system. The design brings current operating costs under control and minimizes labour requirements as the use of resources such as detergent and energy.

Basys 500 the ideal general purpose rack

Universal rack for glasses, cups, plates and cutlery. An all-rounder, the Basys 500 is the general purpose rack for multiple uses – ideal for bars, cafés and restaurants. An open bottom and ef cient circulation of water over and around items in the interior of the rack lead to perfect was- hing results.

  • Efficient Wash Design (EWD)
  • modular rack
  • tilting of glasses
  • secure locking with Glasrelax inserts
  • high sidewalls
  • open design
  • less glass breakages

Base racks 500 for all types of tableware

Plates, cups, cutlery, the right washing rack for every piece of tableware. Open design and EWD ensure optimal washing results. In addition, plate racks are equipped with special designed pegs to prevent the plates from falling over.

  • Efficient Wash Design (EWD)
  • pyramid-shaped base grid for cutlery baskets
  • special designed pegs on plate racks
  • one rack – for both soup plates and dinner plates
  • bottomless rack P15 for large plates

Download the Fries Rack System Catalogue here.

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