Design Award for Tafelstern Delight Chinaware

The Tafelstern delight chinaware collection has won a prestigious German design award!

“A stunning, extremely elegant tableware series

with a very trendy design”

This is how the Jury of the German Design Council described the collection, when DELIGHT was honoured.   Houseware International is now introducing their four new porcelain collections to the Irish chinaware market.

The beautiful lines of these designs, allow for even more sophisticated, trendy tabletop setups!   Watch this Amazing Audio Visual Presentation of the Tafelstern Delight Porcelain Collection!

It stems from this fascinating material – Noble China. The new collection owes its unbelievable subtlety to this thin, innovative hard porcelain. Noble China is manufactured entirely without lead, cadmium or animal components.  Have a look at the presentation and see how they test this durability!

Fired at a temperature of 1400°C, the revolutionary Noble China porcelain impresses with an endurance and resilience that sets entirely new standards.

This explains why, despite the neatness of the body, all pieces are surprisingly resistant to chipping and glaze damage.   Consequently it offers an extremely long service life. The delicately creamy shade of Bone White enhances the impression of discreet elegance.



“TEMPTASTE”, is a range of contemporary coup plates, bowls and platters, designed as an ideal stage for trendy food presentations. It is also the perfect base for 6 new decors for rustic, yet modern, table setups. View their online brochure for Temptaste here.

From the presentation and the online brochures, you can see that the trend is towards using stoneware plates, decorated plates to create art on a plate, with a fantastic canvasses for the chef to create his own beautiful art to delight the diners.

This mixture of materials ensures that the table setting and all its components radiate a homely, cosy, handmade look. In a globalised world, the yearning for honest and calm products continues to grow.

TAFELSTERN has created six new decor concepts ideal for serving your food creations with eye-catching authenticity.

The decor ‘REMEMBER’ plays on memories of the cosiness of meals with the whole family. In an interesting contrast to the modern, rustic decoration brings our pattern `POROUS CONCRETE look light´ with an interesting matt appearance.

For 2017, our range of coupe plates is available under the name TEMPTASTE and has been expanded to include bowls and platters.

The smaller bowls are ideal for sides and the large bowl offers ample room for pasta, salads or soups. The attractively designed oval platters are available in the sizes 29 / 33 and 38 cm.



We are proud to present TASTING THE WORLD Volume 4 with many interesting new food trends such as PALEO, ALPINE CUISINE or VINTAGE FOODS in combination with new, exciting PLAYGROUND-articles.


Also new is the leaflet with all TAFELSTERN benefits, all product ranges and theme worlds in one leaflet.


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