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Crafted for Character

Beer Basic series from Schott Zwiesel.  

The perfect glass for the new beer movement!

Gourmet beers, Craft beers, new taste experiences are the hots in trendy and not so trendy bars and upmarket gastronomy.  Whether pilsner, wheat beer or rich dark beer, the Beer Basic series from German manufacturer, Schott Zwiesel, with its elegant shapes, is the perfect companion to a wide range of beers.

Beer basic

Beer basic, a premium glass, was developed for the world’s best beers, to meet the requirements of demanding beer connoisseurs as well as those of the international gastronomy.

The subtle tapered glasses are slightly flared toward the top, which allows the foam head to unfold.

Designed for lovers of advanced beer culture, Beer Basic glasses offer the right shape for perfect drinking enjoyment.  As a special highlight, they feature an effervescence point, which until now has only been known in sparkling wine and champagne glasses.

A tiny point in the bottom of the glass, barely visible to the naked eye, dissolves the carbon dioxide bound in the beer, to enhance carbonation and foam.  As a result, beer keeps its fresh draft taste much longer and looks perfect in the glass.

The BASIC BEER Glassware also offers you an alternative glass. The elegant bellied form brings out both the fruity aromas of yeast and the hearty malt aromas. The slightly flared rim facilitates the flow of beer to the tongue which greatly improves the flavour.

The Beer Basic Craft Wheat

The Beer Basic Craft Wheat is reminiscent of a traditional wheat beer glass but features a “bulgy” middle that tapers off towards the rim.

This lightly bellied form allows the aroma to unfold and then gather in the narrower chimney, ideal for tingling crystal wheat beer, Hefeweizen or a dark whet bock.

Typical of wheat beer and Weizenbier  is a soft malty taste combined with banana, fruit and yeast forms and the spiciness of coriander and cloves.

Beer Basic Craft Tasting

The elegant bellied form of the Beer Basic Craft Tasting brings out both the fruity aromas if yeast and hearty malt aromas.  The slightly flared rim of the glass facilitates the flow of the beer to the tongue, greatly improving the flavour.

The new beer culture is extremely multifaceted, impressing with a world of aromas ranging from malty-sweet, creamy and caramel like to fruity or malty.

Beer Basic Craft

The shape assortment of the Beer Basic Craft is dedicated to new craft beers, ranging form IPA to Stout, dark ale or wheat beers.  Zwiesel Kristallglas worked with experts develop a concept that perfectly matches the variety and flavours in this new gourmet trend.

Beer Basic Craft

The shape assortment of the Beer Basic Craft is dedicated to new craft beers, ranging form IPA to Stout, dark ale or wheat beers.  Zwiesel Kristallglas worked with experts develop a concept that perfectly matches the variety and flavours in this new gourmet trend.

Distinguishing one type of beer from another is helped by understanding what you like! helped with a guide, so here are some of their key points.


India Pale Ale, or IPA has a strong hoppy flavour, with a bitter taste, usually amber and cloudy, but IPAs come in a range of colours now.  Typically 4.5-6 percent.  Developed because the pale ale brew most Englishmen drank would spoil before the ship reached the Indian shores, so brewers added more hops, a natural preservative. And that’s how the hoppiest beer style was born.

Pale Ale

Pale Ale in the U.K. has a strong malty and woody flavour but in the U.S., the hops are ramped up during brewing, making it a hoppy beer.  Typically Pale gold to amber.


Pilsner tastes of strong hops (but not as strong as IPAs), softer malt, fragrant, and pleasurably bitter flavours. Usually a light golden colour and a notable clarity. Typically 5 percent ABV.

Wheat Beer

A Wheat Beer’s flavour ranges greatly depending on wheat styles, but they’re typically light in flavour, low in hops and have a yeasty flavour.   Tpically hazy because of the protein in the wheat used to brew them. There are so many beer styles that fit under the wheat beer umbrella — Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse, Belgian Witbier


Porter is mild with notes of roasted grains, chocolate and toffee, a very dark, almost opaque beverage.


Stouts have a heavily roasted flavour with hints of coffee, chocolate, liquorice and molasses and no apparent hops flavour.   They are very, very dark with a head that is usually tan to brown.

Porters and stouts were interchangeable throughout history, but as porters started become weaker as a result of the World Wars, people began referring to strong porters as stouts. And so this beer style was born.

The great oracle Wikipedia describes the different wheat beers:

Weizenbier, Weißbier, Hefeweizen, Hefeweißbier, Kristallweizen, Kristall Weiß

-Weizenbier as “Weizenbier or Hefeweizen, derives from Weizenbier, “wheat beer” traditionally from Bavaria

“Weißbier is paler in color than Munich’s traditional brown beer. Better known as Weizen (“Wheat”) outside Bavaria. T

-Hefeweizen (“yeast wheat”) or Hefeweißbier refer to wheat beer in its traditional, unfiltered form. -Kristallweizen (crystal wheat), or kristall Weiß (crystal white beer), refers to a wheat beer that is filtered to remove the yeast and wheat proteins which contribute to its cloudy appearance.

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