Tasting The World

Can we taste the world? Join TAFELSTERN on a trip around the world to discover how unfamiliar cultures and ways of life can be made accessible by the language of food. You can look forward to culinary delights from exotic and familiar places and discover how they can be staged in fascinating ways with the elegance, striking decors and sheer variety of TAFELSTERN porcelain.

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An Irish family owned business, specialising is the distribution of the highest quality tabletop and foodservice products, from Europe's major manufacturers, to the hotel and restaurant trade throughout Ireland.

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The NEW Craster Flow Collection

September 28, 2017 • Comments Off on The NEW Craster Flow Collection

The New Flow Range offers a wider variety of presentation options because we can now offer a series of different finishes, Flow Rustic, Flow Refine, Flow White Wash, and Flow Black, you now have the possibility to extend your buffet presentation from morning until night. All the Craster displays are available to mix and match...

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